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Learning with Laurence focuses on personal self-development and growth to achieve self-empowerment and personal change.
The majority of topics presented are listed below and can be somewhat complex but learning to understand the topics is where the fun is and what Learning with Laurence is all about.

Additionally, it is my belief that by understanding the topics presented below it will assist you in achieving your personal and/or business goals.

Learning with Laurence also may involve preparing to take a licensing and/or certification exam for which you may want to pass.


* Neuro Psychology
* Cognitive Psychology
* Social Psychology
* Personal Psychology
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
* Learning Theories
* Philosophy
* Personal Development and Self-Improvement
* Personal Behavior Modification and Change
* Personal Motivation
* Spiritual Development
* Self Enlightenment and Awareness

The topics presented on this website are the topics of interest to me and this website is presented to you as an educational resource.

I am a believer that a person can re-program and condition their mind thru music, the spoken word, and physical activity. Music, the spoken word, and physical activity have a direct connection to your emotions which affect internal change.

If you want to change something about yourself re-program and re-condition your mind to achieve your goals. Learn what others have done to re-program their minds and incorporate their wisdom that into developing a daily routine or ritual for yourself.

Self-programming does take time and to achieve self-programming success you must have a vision and a daily routine or ritual that reinforce what you are attempting to achieve. A daily meditation practice is an example of something you can do on a daily basis to quiet the mind, focus on your goals, and develop inner peace.

Take some time today to define who you want to be (your personal standards) and develop daily rituals that reinforce your desired state. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are serious you will be able to self-program your state of mind to achieve the mindset you desire.

I use this website to assist myself everyday to stay in the right mindset. If you are new to my site I suggest you start at the Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu page to get yourself into the right mindset. I can assure you. If you listen to items on this page everyday you will find that change will occur in your life.

Stay Positive and stay true to yourself!


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