Vision is having the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.



When you have a Vision – Life stops happening to you and You start happening to Life.



Having a Vision simplifies your life. When you know what to do – you automatically know what not to do.



Do not seek success. Seek to become a person of value. Make yourself valuable and people will pay you for your value. When you have a Vision you start developing your value.



Become so good that people can’t ignore you! Your Vision is what gives your life direction.

 Your Vision will choose your future!

Your Vision will choose your friends!

Your Vision will choose your library!

Your Vision will choose your use of time!

Your Vision will choose what you spend your energy on!

Your Vision will choose your movies!

Your Vision will choose your priorities in life!

Your Vision will choose your hobbies!

Your Vision chooses your attitude in life!

Your Vision chooses your life plan!

Your Vision dictates your values!

Your Vision carries you thru life’s disappointments!



Vision clarifies purpose. It gives direction to the leader and it empowers the leader beyond their assets.Visions Creates Resources!Vision Attracts Resources! Wise people make choices that protect their Vision!



A friend is anyone who is willing and committed to HELP YOU reach your destiny by achieving your Vision.



Most Importantly — All true Visions will be tested for authenticity. You will be tested and you will suffer to reach your Vision.